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Losing Sucks, But...

Now, I don’t know what to think about this team. It would be easy enough to say they are 1-3, there only win is against the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State University, they suck. But that just is not the case. At all. In fact, this team was up eight against Rice going into the fourth quarter and blew the game last second. Literally. Against # 15 TCU the Jayhawks were never really in the game, but they were never out of it either. On Saturday vs NIU, in DeKalb where the Huskies had won 16 games in a row, the Jayhawks took a double digit lead into the fourth quarter. And lost.

 So on one hand KU has been in every game this season, quite a leap from last year where every game was essentially over by halftime. On the other hand , late game leads don’t equate to wins and they surely don’t feel as good. Realistically, the Jayhawks could and probably should be 3-1. At some point, even if it is much sooner than expected (4 games into the Weiss Era) when the team has a lead, late, they must find a way to protect it.

Glass half full for sure, but why not? The Jayhawks defense last year allowed more points than a porcupine and got the head coach fired in his second year. It was the depths of Kansas Jayhawk Football.
So as much as it sucks to be in games and lose them this season, How refreshing it is to just be in games.

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09/25/2012 11:25AM
Losing Sucks, But...
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09/26/2012 12:17PM
Good Points
Good points Sean. I would have to say they were definitely in the TCU game(10-6 at half). They had a few let downs in the 3rd quarter, but were always in striking distance. People forget that KU moved the ball in that game too, but stalled out in TCU’s territory a couple of times. KU FORCED 3 out of the 4 TO (the 1 not forced was the low snap). TCU could have scored more…but KU could have too very easily. KU should be 3-1… one play in the Rice and the NIU game doomed the hawks. Things are looking better this year without a doubt. Give the team a few more games (assuming they don’t lose confidence) and they should be rolling along even much better. All the games are winnable, but they will need a lot of luck in some of them (KSU, OU, OSU, UT).
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