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Levine: Don't overreact to the Rice loss

Saturdays loss to Rice was a punch to the gut for the Jayhawks, but certainly no knockout blow to Charlie Weiss’ long term plans for KU Football. When looking up and down the Jayhawks schedule this season, Rice was one that most of us had a “W” next to. Hopefully you used a pencil, not a pen.

Losing to the Owls is certainly not a good thing, but it lets everyone, from the fans to the Head Coach himself get a gauge of where this team is going this season and beyond. While Coach Weiss has brought in several of his guys (Crist, Ragone) by and large he is playing with Turner Gill and a few Mark Mangino recruits.

Unlike Pro Football, when the fortune of a franchise can be changed on a big free agent signing (see Peyton Manning to the Broncos) it takes a while in college football to build a program. So while it may be frustrating, we must be patient and not judge this year based on how many games KU wins or loses but rather on how the football program looks going forward.

The loss  to Rice may have bloodied the face of the Jayhawks, but if they can come out swinging this Saturday against TCU and land some blows it will give a fan base which is searching for anything positive to hold onto a solid grip on where this team is going.

And who knows, Buster Douglas did knock out Mike Tyson.

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09/12/2012 2:00PM
Levine: Don't overreact to the Rice loss
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09/13/2012 8:44AM
Well Said
Good points Sean. Very frustrating, but we know it is a rebuilding year. It just took some wind out of the sails of momentum.
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